7 years ago I started teaching Joimove online. My virtual sessions in Zoom and Skype were for our Joimove trainees and instructors only. My weekly dance classes and monthly business seminars in the UK and across Europe were physical events where we met in person at the dance studios or universities.

12 weeks ago when Covid-19 lockdown began in the UK I moved all my local Joimove sessions and seminars to Zoom.  From young adults to elderly, parents to grandparents, 3 generations from across the world met me and each other online during my classes.

In 3 months I have hosted 85 live sessions, together it is 3825 minutes of Joimove dances and ballet lessons! And now we are moving on to month 4!

You can now become a Joimover from your home and join us online! Sing up below. You will be receiving your log in details for Zoom via email following your registration.


Selen x



Solo dancing for women. Joimove all styles of Latin, Belly and Ballet ( Salsa, Cha,cha Rock&Roll, Classical Ballet, Belly Dancing, Bachata and Tango)

Mondays 11:00 – 11:45
Wednesdays 11:00 – 11:45

“The Joimove dance classes have been a lifeline for me for some years, keeping me fit and mentally well during difficult times. Now during lockdown, the online classes have been essential for my well being. I have maintained fitness, and keeping in touch with you, and the other ladies has been very enjoyable. Thank you Selen!” Mary, Scotland


Solo or partner dancing for adults of all ages. Joimove styles of Latin, Pop and Rock&Roll.

Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:00

“I am eternally grateful to my friend for introducing your classes to me. I look forward to them immensely and it cheers up my day. You have made lock down bearable! I used to teach Jazz Ballet in my early days in travel and I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be dancing again. We are talking over 30 years ago. But you have rekindled my excitement and love of dance and for that I can’t thank you enough.” Anna, England


Classical Ballet class for Beginners. Warm up and stretching, Posture practise, Barre and center work and small jumps. You will need a mat and a chair.

Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:15



Gentle stretching and guided relaxation. Connecting yoga poses with relaxing breathwork technique. You will need a mat, blanket and a pillow.

Thursdays 20:00 -20:45

“Last night was my first relaxation and stretching class with Selen. Generally I find it very hard to relax with meditation especially now with worldwide virus crisis and a lot of uncertainty going around. But during the class I felt so relaxed and didn’t want it to end that I got up from the floor two hours after the class end! And then I realised how much I actually needed this peace. It’s great to have this class in the comfort of your own home, familiar environment around helped me properly relax. I will be joining this class again next week. Thank you Selen!” Kristine, Latvia

Kids & Family Classes / Back from August 2020


Joimove all styles: You can join in solo, with your partner or with babies and kids. Suitable for all ages and abilities. You can invite your other family members from other cities /countries to join us!

Fridays 17:00 – 17:40

“I had the privilege of taking part in one of Selen’s first dance with baby classes when my little boy was 7 weeks old. 6 years later she is still keeping our spirits up! Selen has a great taste in music and a fantastic relaxed manner. I love the mix of a cheeky bachata, exotic belly dancing and a bit more composed ballet. Thank you Selen!” Margaret, Scotland


Joimove all styles for parents and babies. Babies from 6 weeks to 18 months can join sessions in the baby carrier. Health and safety consultation will be given prior to class.

Thursdays 11:15- 11:30 Babywearing Health and Safety
11.30 – 12:00 (Dance Session)

“Selen’s babywearing dance and family dance sessions are fantastic way to end the week. Selen is full of energy, positivity and fun! We usually get all the family together, baby Elliott is in the baby carrier moving with mummy while daddy is dancing all around. Elliott is mesmerised and super happy to see us dancing all together. It is always a special moment to have as a family! We even have recommended it to friends and now they are joining too.” Martina, Italy


Royal Academy Of Dancing, Vaganova Ballet Techniques for the warm up, stretching and center work. Classical Ballet class combined with Joimove Dances and Joyful Drama.

Tuesday 17:30 -18:10

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Many of you or your kids danced with me before already and have been attending my classes in the UK and abroad. But for anyone who recently met me online, or heard about my classes by a friend recommendation please find more about me and our wonderful team here: