Testimonial: Joimove Babies Training review by Ruta from Lithuania

Testimonial: Joimove Babies Training

Certified Instructor and Joimove Lithuania’s Representative Ruta  Lelyte Ambrozaitiene shared her thoughts about her Joimove Training. Enjoy!

“Even though, my dance teaching experience is more than a decade, I knew that babywearing dance requires some special knowledge and preparation…”

When I decided that I could give dance classes for parents and their babies in carriers, I started to look for any possible training in this field. Even though, my dance teaching experience is more than a decade, I knew that babywearing dance requires some special knowledge and preparation, because I am going to work with very sensitive group: new moms and babies. Therefore my aim was to get a full package of knowledge of active babywearing, new moms and babies safety and about other important issues which I may meet in my babywearing dance classes.

“I chose Joimove, and it was a much easier, time and money saver way.”

I was so surprised that there were not so many options babywearing dance training, actually, Joimove training was the only one which I found in Europe. So I had to decide if I go on my own as a professional dancer and teacher who experienced on dancing, therapy and babywearing or I can get everything I would need from Joimove team. And of course I chose Joimove, and it was a much easier, time and money saver way. Since then, I have never regret my decision.

“Live talks with Joimove’s founder Selen are an amazing opportunity”

I found, live talks with Joimove’s founder Selen are an amazing opportunity. Online training sessions are super comfortable option, when you are at home with your baby, and live talks become that essential part of training which supports you and fills in all gaps of all risen questions, doubts and considerations what to do next. 

At Joimove, I am always able to discuss any question…”

It is that service which opens me the best way to adapt all other services to my personal needs, because each country, city, class place and class participants has its own specificity and issues. At Joimove, I am always able to discuss any question which I have and get that support which helps me to continue and grow.

“I am very thankful for the on going support from Joimove team”

In my opinion, on going support from Joimove is like any other support which you may get in your life: you may take it or not. If you are open to take and use it, you will get even more benefits than you have expected. So I think that Joimove can give me more than I am ready to take. Therefore I am very thankful for the support which first of all is based on a humanly contact, understanding and inspiring.

“You may get more than just a necessary knowledge and a strong feeling that you are not alone!”

I would recommend Joimove training, because you may get more than just a necessary knowledge. You also get a human relationship, a strong feeling that you are not alone. Because Joimove opens you an understanding that simple dance may work as a strong tool when you want to create something valuable and change the world.

Ruta  Lelyte Ambrozaitiene

Vilnius, Kaunas / Lithuania


Email: ruta@joimove.com

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/sokiaisukudikiais/


Testimonial / Joimove Babies Instructor Training




Dr Ally Baker / Joimove Trainee / United Kingdom

As a new mum with a 10 week old baby, I would like to say how brilliant it is to do Joimove Babies training at this time. I started my training in the late stages of pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed my first training session with Selen Yilmaz. I was lucky enough to organise another face to face training session with Selen, and this went fantastically well for both me and the baby. It is a great time to test out routines, as having a real live newborn helps you to understand how group participants will be feeling and to make sure that the dancing works well with babywearing.



The baby was happy in the sling and enjoyed the music and movement while awake. It helped to settle the baby and she slept well for more than half of the training session. There were a couple of murmurs from her, but when Selen chose right moves immediately that got us moving around the room, the baby quickly settled again. It also helped to space out the feeds to a better time interval than would normally happen at that time of day.

As for me, I instantly felt better and brighter than I had in weeks. The music and dancing made me almost instantly smile from head to toe and I could feel the benefit of endorphins flowing through my body. The first weeks with a baby can be hard and there’s a lot of sitting and feeding and a sore achy body from carrying and bad feeding positions. The dance helped me to gently stretch out my muscles and improve posture. Beneficial for body, mind and mood!!!

Selen’s positivity was inspirational and help from Joimove team was great. I now feel positive and capable of soon becoming a Joimove instructor. I look forward to spreading positive feelings by running groups for other parent and babies and making the postnatal period more pleasurable for both parties.

Dr Ally Baker / Joimove Trainee / United Kingdom