Babywearing Dance at the CID, Unesco 46th World Congress

Babywearing Dance is welcomed in the world of Dance – CID, UNESCO

Our founder, Selen Yilmaz, recently came back from attending the 46th CID, Unesco World Congress on Dance Research in Miami Florida, and wanted to share with us her experiences. This is what she had to say about her amazing journey:

My beautiful Joimovers, what an adventure we’ve had! We’ve survived a hurricane, met delegates from Africa, Italy, the UK and from across the USA, exchanged knowledge on dance and dance research, shared dance lectures, and witnessed some amazing dance performances from fabulous people. In short, I’ve had some unforgettable experiences.

Selen yilmaz Joimove cid unesco

There was so much to do, see and be part of during the congress (despite the late start), but by far the most exciting thing for me was introducing everyone to Joimove, our beautiful community.

I was so proud to be able to debut our oneofakind field to the wider dancing world. Our work, babywearing, dancing, connecting within the family and healing really is something new and there was plenty of excitement from everyone about it.

Thanks to KOKADI‘s sponsorship, a specialist in eco-conscious and fashionable babywearing products, I was able to not only attend the congress but also to give a lecture entitled Babywearing Dance and Healing”, as well as a practical workshop. Both the lecture and workshop helped to reinforce the real benefits people get from babywearing, dancing and healing through music and movements.

selen yilmaz healing

Lecture: “Babywearing, Dancing and Healing” sponsored by Kokadi

I’ve dedicated my life to bringing families together and sharing the benefits of dancing, so this opportunity to contribute to the wider dance scholarship about babywearing dance really was so fulfilling.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am on a mission. A mission to show that dance is a natural way to deal with whatever life throws at us. I believe dance is a beautiful non-verbal communication tool that has the means to shift mindsets in positive ways. I believe it can improve relationships, and create positive core memories. I believe that dancing, with babywearing, is the best tool for family bonding and healing.

So it was an extraordinary thing to be able to share my beliefs with the Congress and for them to honour us with a special opportunity to shape the world of dance in the UK. As you know, Joimove is an institutional member of the CID and all graduates from Joimove International School receive certification to the CID, Unesco via Joimove.


Michel F. Jacques (President of CID, Unesco Hallandale Section), Selen Yilmaz (Founder of Joimove) , Dr. Antonio H Wong (MD, Family Medicine)

Whilst at the congress in Miami, I met with the president of the CID, Hallandale and I am so pleased to announce a new collaboration between the UK and USA where they will lead and contribute to research on dance medicine and science. Joimove will now be representing the CID in the UK, and Glasgow will be the headquarters, where I am based. I’m delighted about this collaboration and excited to see where it takes us. We can’t wait to share new projects, hold conferences and conduct research with Joimovers and dance professionals across the UK.

What can I say, amazing! Wonderous! Exciting! Joimovers, welcome to the wider dance community!

cid unesco miami

International Dance Council (CID), Unesco is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world. It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based. Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals within dance in over 170 countries. CID is the official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Babywearing Dance and Healing / CID – UNESCO 46th World Dance Congress

Introducing Babywearing Dance to the 46th Annual CID World Dance Congress

With all the work we do promoting babywearing dance to our communities, it can be easy to forget that babywearing dance is a relatively new phenomenon, only really gaining popularity in the last few years, and relatively unknown outside babywearing dance circles. So it makes it even more exciting to share with you that our founder, Selen Yilmaz, is getting ready to make her way to Miami for the CID – UNESCO 46th World Dance Congress (5th – 9th October 2016) to give a lecture and a workshop on babywearing dance and healing, to dance professionals from around the world.


The Congress is an amazing event that takes place annually. More than just a get-together of dancers, it’s a trade fair, a place of learning, and a networking event whereby dancer teachers, choreographers and researchers are given the chance to collectively discuss and learn about dance and the issues that surround it. It’s a place where formal and informal learning and networking are a given and where new ideas about dance are discussed. So, the perfect place to introduce everyone to babywearing dance.


When speaking with Selen about attending the Congress she said “I can’t wait to speak at the Congress and lead a practical workshop. I’m passionate about dance, and specifically babywearing dance and I want to share it with the world! Dance is about connections, community. And the first community we know is our family. Babywearing dance directly focuses on this important unit and I want to share my knowledge, passion and experience with the larger dance community. I want them to understand that babywearing dance is more than just a fitness or exercising fad, it’s about bonding, it’s about communication between wearer and baby, it’s about shared moments, happy vibes and staying active together. It’s about love.”

The timing of the Congress couldn’t be better for Selen as it falls just after the successful International Babywearing Dance Day and Week which saw dancers from 5 continents celebrate babywearing dance. If that isn’t a wonderful introduction of the “newest” form of dance than what is?!

From all of us at Joimove, Selen, wishing you all the best of luck at the Congress. We can’t wait to hear how she has wowed them with her talk and workshop and shared the beauty that is babywearing dance with the wider world.

Kokadi, one of the most important specialists in eco-conscious and fashionable babywearing worldwide is proudly sponsoring Selen Yilmaz at the CID- UNESCO 46th World Dance Congress.