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This is our motto: “Never miss a chance to dance!” but with our little ones, safety comes first!

We love all dances, especially babywearing dance. We believe it’s the key to creating strong emotional, physical and intellectual bonds with our baby, a way to communicate love through movement.

While dancing and movement is the main activity, doing it safely comes first. Everybody, including baby, needs to feel comfortable, calm and safe. Without this, there is some sharing the moment but less learning,  less comfort and less joy.



Anyone who danced with us during our Dance with Babies classes will remember that movement safety was much more of a concern than babywearing safety. However through training, developing safety formulas with experts, better understanding and education, we’ve learned that the safety of baby and wearer is actually the most important part of any class, even more important than the dancing itself.

That’s why all of our Instructors are taught about post natal health, the PEACE babywearing dance guidelines and the importance of environmental safety.

We know it’s not safe to see baby dangling in a sling as you’re dancing. We know it’s not safe to see baby in a sling that’s too big or too small when you’re dancing. We know it’s not safe to see baby’s head and neck swinging around as you dance to the music. We know it’s not safe to bounce, jerk or jump to the music when baby is in your sling. That’s why all of our Instructors are equipped with knowledge to help class participants and babies feel safe and happy.

And it’s not only about baby’s safety. We know that if the wearer is uncomfortable, feeling sore or hurting than the experience won’t be a positive one for baby or wearer. Not only that, but wearing baby incorrectly or in an ill-fitting carrier can cause pressure to yours and your baby’s spine.

It’s also not only about physical safety. Environmental safety, hearing safety, movement safety, women’s health and baby development are also key. While you can change your environment, stop if sore or take a breath if too hot, our babies don’t have that option. They can’t lower the music if it’s too loud or turn down the heat if it’s too hot. They can’t take off a jumper if they’re getting too sweaty or tell you they’ve had enough, using words. It’s up to us, as Joimove Instructors and as caregivers, to ensure a safe environment to live, laugh and learn.

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Unfortunately, we know there are many classes out there that don’t consider safety in the same way that we do. We see them online, on TV and have witnessed them in person. Perhaps the instructors are thinking that ensuring the babywearing TICKS is more than enough to keep baby safe during their dance or exercise class. Or maybe they think “oh it’s only 30 minutes, what can happen”? Worst of all, maybe they just don’t know even there is a babywearing safety issue at all.

That’s what makes Joimove different. We understand the importance of safety for every class participant; from baby to grandmother. We work hard to ensure every one of our classes, workshops and events are safe. We take safety seriously and share our knowledge with you through our Joimove International School of Dancing team and programs on how to make dancing with your baby a beautiful and wonderful experience.

It should be everyone’s responsibility to be self-aware of safety. Let’s remember to support our baby’s head, neck and spine when dancing. Let’s take care of our own spine and joints so we can dance without pain. New moms, let’s give our bodies time to recover and revitalise after birth. Dress in layers, bring fluid for hydration and ensure the room isn’t too warm. But most of all, let’s make sure we feel safe, we feel secure and we feel comfortable when we are dancing, exercising or leading these sessions.

PEACE Babywearing Dance Safety Guidelines

4 Reasons Why Babywearing Dance Is Here To Stay

4 Reasons Why Babywearing Dance Is Here To Stay

Babywearing dance may be a relatively new phenomenon, but we’re certain that it’s something that’s only going to grow in popularity.

Take a look online, on TV, in magazines and in your neighbourhoods, you’ll find it becoming more and more common. From viral videos to flash-mobs to local classes, everyone’s doing it. It’s the easy, fun, active and joyful way to bond with baby.

Here are our four reasons why we think babywearing dance is here to stay:


We all dance

We all do it, whether wearing baby or not. We tap our toes, swing our hips and move about rhythmically when we hear music. Sometimes we do it consciously, but most often, we do it without realising it. Music moves us.

The same thing happens when you’re wearing your baby. You’ll probably find you consciously or unconsciously hold your baby’s hands, gently kiss their head, wrap your arms around them for deep cuddles, sway your body, tap your toes or shuffle about when you hear music. Dancing, movement and rhythm are part of us and we pass it on to our little one.

Maybe you do it to help calm a stressful moment with your baby, or you do it to play and engage with them, either way you’re connecting, caring and reinforcing attachment with your baby.

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No extra equipment needed

You don’t need to buy any extra equipment to enjoy dancing with your baby. If you can pick up your baby or carry them in a sling or carrier, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy the physical closeness and joyful communication that is dancing.

Its important to remember, however, that no matter what way you enjoy dancing with your baby, safety has to come first. From making sure your baby’s head and neck are fully supported at all times to remembering the T.I.C.K.S of babywearing, safety first.

You’re important too. Don’t over exert, watch your back, and if you’re dancing with a carrier or sling, remember to choose the right size and type suitable for your activities so you can prevent lower back pain as well as shoulder or neck injuries.



Its good for us

Babywearing dance has benefits for both wearer and baby that span the physical body and the soul. Keeping active, no matter how you do it, gives you confidence, plenty of endorphins and can help boost selfesteem, not to mention keeping you fit.

For baby, what’s better than introducing them to music, rhythm and movement through a loving dance? Family health professionals, paediatricians, physiotherapist, psychologists and babywearing experts alike all know that there are plenty of benefits for baby; from helping to sooth colic, and create better sleep, it also solidifies connections between wearer and baby, creating joyful parenting moments and a nurturing touch.

It’s important however that you never see babywearing dance as means to “losing baby weight” or calorie burning. If you only treat wearing your baby as extra weight for a cardio session or practice fast and bouncy movements, you could be putting both you and your baby at risk of overheating, overstimulation, and in extreme situations, shaken baby syndrome. So, to keep safe, remember that baby is the main focus of your dance so keep it slow, gentle and smooth; not fast, bouncy and extreme.

Babies learn from what they see, so if they see you being safe, active and happy, they’ll mimic your good moves. Wear your baby comfortably and safely, practice smooth and gentle moves with a low level of music, keep your heart open and receptive and you’ll find lasting joy for both of you!

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International Babywearing Dance Day

With the first International day recognising babywearing dance scheduled for 21 September 2016, you know it’s no fad!

The number of babywearing dance practitioners is growing every day. With the help of JISBD and all of our wonderful Joimovers, we can increase the reach of this joyful practice, ensuring it reaches more hearts and souls, creating a happier, healthier world.

What do you think, are there other signs babywearing dance is here to stay? What would your top four reasons be?

Online Courses / Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety


Our training course has been developed by dance, babywearing, academic, early years, and babywearing professionals and provides quality information on active babywearing, babywearing safety, and babywearing dance and movement to individual learners from around the world. Our training modules are suitable for those who are new to babywearing, babywearing peer supporters and professionals, dance and fitness instructors, new and expecting parents, health and wellness professionals, and those who want to make a change in their lives and their communities.

Please take a moment to look through the Level 1 module description below, then apply online or email us at to receive your Course Enrolment Pack begin the registration process today!

Joimove – Babywearing Dance Safety Certification

Our New School!

We are so excited to be able to finally announce that we have launched the Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety Programmes at Joimove International School!!! After 9 months of collaborating with dance, fitness, early years, academic, and health professionals, we have developed two training and certification programmes that offer a new approach for babywearers, babywearing dance and fitness instructors, and individuals who work in the babywearing and parenting fields around the world.

We have created Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety training programme at our Joimove International School in response to the growing popularity of babywearing fitness and dance classes now available to parents with babies and young children. We want all individuals who work with babywearing parents and who participate in active babywearing to have access to quality training and information that has been developed and tested by dance, health, and babywearing professionals. Through our new school, Joimove International is now in a position to invite babywearers, parents, children, and professionals to train and stay safe and active.

So what’s in our exciting programme, you ask. The first step is to take our Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement module. This course welcomes everyone to the acts of babywearing and babywearing dance and movement. It provides a survey of information on the benefits of babywearing and babywearing dance and movement and detailed health and safety information to help individuals wear and dance safely with a baby in a carrier or sling. It provides a refresher on babywearing and sling safety to experienced babywearers and contiuously applies this safety knowledge to active living, dance, and movement while babywearing. The course can be undertaken online or at one of our live trainings.

We would also like to say thanks to all of our inquirers who have been waiting for our big launch! We are very happy to announce that our much-anticipated first online class, Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement, will begin on 1 April 2016!

After successfully completing the Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement certificate, you can move on and train to become a certified Babywearing Dance Facilitator. Participants further develop their skills and knowledge about safely moving and dancing while babywearing and gain the skills needed to instruct others in babywearing dance and movement classes, sessions, and workshops. They are also introduced to teaching pedagogy and positive communication that will help build their confidence as instructors and strengthen their ability to reach a wider range of students.

Great news – you don’t have to wait until April to sign up! Our training modules are suitable for those who are new to babywearing, babywearing peer supporters and professionals, dance and fitness instructors, new and expecting parents, health and wellness professionals, and those who want to make a change in their lives and their communities. Contact us today to receive your own course enrolment pack that contains detailed information about our certification and training programmes and everything you need to register to be part of JIS’s first class! Sign up online or email and become a part of this ground-breaking movement in safe, active babywearing. Let’s work together to set new standards in safety and training!

Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety Guidelines

Going to a ‪#‎babywearing dance, exercise‬ class with your baby or leading your own active session? Here’s some things to keep in mind to be safe and have fun! Find more about babywearing dance health and safety via Joimove International School! 

Active Lifestyle Babywearing Guidelines by Joimove International.


Going to a ‪#‎babywearing workout, active babywearing session or dance/exercise class with your baby or leading your own session? Here’s some things to keep in mind to be safe and have fun!