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“Is Joyful Parenting Possible?” Babywearing Dance and Joyful Mindfulness

Dr. Aslıhan Onaran (Ph.D.)
JOIMOVE Parenting Consultant & Founder, Attachment Parenting International, Turkey

Is Joyful Parenting ever possible? Say, you did have a mindful moment with your baby, how is `that` feeling sustainable? With day-to-day challenges such as extended sleep deprivation, errands to run, anxieties that come with being new or even seasoned parents and very likely the stress due to the changing roles in our family, joyful parenting does sound more like an oxymoron or a utopia at best, doesn’t it?

Joy, mindfulness and parenting may, indeed, coexist and even support each other for the long term…this is a presence of balance, not one that approaches parenting as a project with the unreachable goal of spotless perfection or an ongoing challenge but one that views parenting as a human way of mutual bonding through our day-to-day experiences, through connecting with our baby and with ourselves. Such joyful mindfulness is possible from the moment of birth. One daily practice that does enhance this mutual bond is babywearing. In fact, babywearing nurtures not just the baby but also the wearing parent/caretaker. The more attached the parent-baby duo feels, the more independent each will feel down the road. The more the perceived independence, the more real joy becomes. When a parent tries babywearing and dance, what we often see is joyful parenting with no room for parental anxieties as the parent is immersed in the moment. This is an existential getaway, one that puts a smile on your face (and your baby’s) even on your most sleep-deprived day. Let us briefly explore how.

Touch is a basic human need, one that feeds both the body and the soul. It is, in fact, often viewed as the mother of all senses. For a newborn and her family, touch offers a fundamental means to communicate, to enhance attachment and thus security. It is now a scientific fact that babies of all ages (including premature babies and those with special needs) benefit from touch with recorded outcomes such as enhanced immunity, better health and faster recovery. One of the earliest scientific proofs of this correlation comes from a 1938 case of skin-to-skin contact and ‘mothering’at the Paediatric Ward of Belleuve Hospital in New York. Records indicate that after the medical staff had been instructed to pick up crying babies and carry them around, the death rate fell from 35 percent to less than ten percent. This then became widespread practice, especially in NICU units in the United States where mothers were also allowed to nurse the preemies or simulate nursing behaviour with skin-to-skin contact with their newborn in the NICUS to enhance parent-baby attachment.

Attachment Parenting, a non-generic intuitive style of parenting drawing on the key role of attachment and compassionate communication for a nonviolent society, also highlights the fundamental role of touch and babywearing. In fact, the practice of babywearing dance with the added benefit of bringing in joyful mindfulness, meets at least three of the eight guiding principles of Attachment Parenting, namely babywearing, offering nurturing touch and striving for balance in our personal and family roles. In this piece, we have focused on babywearing dance as a practice in line with attachment parenting, enhancing and maintaining our joyful coexistence with our baby.

When we carry our baby in our arms or in a safe, approved baby carrier, or, even better, when we wear our baby and dance with other parents and babies as in the global JOIMOVE movement, we not only support our attachment and our baby’s overall well-being, with physical touch and eye contact, music and joy, but we also begin to feel balance, with a smile on our face, despite sleep deprivation, because we are now part of a nonjudgmental community and have done something great both for the baby and for ourselves.

Dear amazing parents out there, all I allude to in a nutshell is: Wear your baby and get outside to share life together. Wear her and put a kiss on her face. Wear her and nurse her. Wear her and dance! Wear her, get attached and mindfully free…


Dr. Aslıhan Onaran (Ph.D.)

JOIMOVE Parenting Consultant &Founder, Attachment Parenting API Turkey

On the author:

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We take safety seriously and share our knowledge with you through our Joimove International School’s consultants team and programs on how to make dancing with your baby a beautiful and wonderful experience. We are proud to creating a positive impact on the world through dance and safe babywearing.

Ashley Montagu. Touching. New York: Harper and Row, 1986: 97-99.  For more on attachment theory research covering more than sixty years of scientific findings, you may see: Ainsworth, M., & Bell, S. M. (1970). “Attachment, exploration, and separation.” Child Development, 49-67. Bowlby, J. (1958). The nature of the child’s ties to his mother. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 350-371. Cassidy, J. Jones, Shaver. “Contributions of Attachment Theory and Research: A Framework for Future Research, Translation and Policy.” Development and Psychopathology 402 (2013): 1415-1434. Perry, B., & Dobson, C. (2010). The role of healthy relational interactions in buffering the impact of childhood trauma. E. Gil,Working with Children to Heal Interpersonal Trauma: The Power of Play. New York: Guilford Press. Siegel, D. (2012). The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are. New York: The Guilford Press.

Joimove Taipei at Evening News – January 2017 / Taiwan


Have you seen JOIMOVE Taipei Oovi at evening news? We are delighted to share the news from a very respected OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Yin Chang-Sheng from Taiwan. Yin Chang- Sheng says “Music and dance help adults to produce happy hormones generally refer to endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and oxycontin. These happy hormones can be transferred from adults to the child by babywearing and dancing. It will help to lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart problems but also develop skin to skin contact and attachment between you and your baby.”
Joimove Taipei’s Representative Diana Chendana says “Happy hormones increase even greater when we wear our babies and dance which helps us to become healthier but also it is a great way to boost our happiness.”


Testimonial: Joimove Babies Training review by Ruta from Lithuania

Testimonial: Joimove Babies Training

Certified Instructor and Joimove Lithuania’s Representative Ruta  Lelyte Ambrozaitiene shared her thoughts about her Joimove Training. Enjoy!

“Even though, my dance teaching experience is more than a decade, I knew that babywearing dance requires some special knowledge and preparation…”

When I decided that I could give dance classes for parents and their babies in carriers, I started to look for any possible training in this field. Even though, my dance teaching experience is more than a decade, I knew that babywearing dance requires some special knowledge and preparation, because I am going to work with very sensitive group: new moms and babies. Therefore my aim was to get a full package of knowledge of active babywearing, new moms and babies safety and about other important issues which I may meet in my babywearing dance classes.

“I chose Joimove, and it was a much easier, time and money saver way.”

I was so surprised that there were not so many options babywearing dance training, actually, Joimove training was the only one which I found in Europe. So I had to decide if I go on my own as a professional dancer and teacher who experienced on dancing, therapy and babywearing or I can get everything I would need from Joimove team. And of course I chose Joimove, and it was a much easier, time and money saver way. Since then, I have never regret my decision.

“Live talks with Joimove’s founder Selen are an amazing opportunity”

I found, live talks with Joimove’s founder Selen are an amazing opportunity. Online training sessions are super comfortable option, when you are at home with your baby, and live talks become that essential part of training which supports you and fills in all gaps of all risen questions, doubts and considerations what to do next. 

At Joimove, I am always able to discuss any question…”

It is that service which opens me the best way to adapt all other services to my personal needs, because each country, city, class place and class participants has its own specificity and issues. At Joimove, I am always able to discuss any question which I have and get that support which helps me to continue and grow.

“I am very thankful for the on going support from Joimove team”

In my opinion, on going support from Joimove is like any other support which you may get in your life: you may take it or not. If you are open to take and use it, you will get even more benefits than you have expected. So I think that Joimove can give me more than I am ready to take. Therefore I am very thankful for the support which first of all is based on a humanly contact, understanding and inspiring.

“You may get more than just a necessary knowledge and a strong feeling that you are not alone!”

I would recommend Joimove training, because you may get more than just a necessary knowledge. You also get a human relationship, a strong feeling that you are not alone. Because Joimove opens you an understanding that simple dance may work as a strong tool when you want to create something valuable and change the world.

Ruta  Lelyte Ambrozaitiene

Vilnius, Kaunas / Lithuania



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Joimove London: Babywearing dance sessions starting in January 2017

Joimove’s award winning babywearing dance program Joimove Babies starting in London this Tuesday 10th January.  Sessions will take place at the Playcafe, Sandown, Esher by Joimove Instructor Hollie Pita Carr also first aid trained, plus a certified Baby-wearing Peer Supporter.

Hollie says, “I discovered Joimove after the birth of my beloved daughter, which combines my passion for dance, people and their well being, with a community of like-minded people. I look forward to being part of something special in our local and international community, bringing people together to enjoy the wide range of benefits of dance for parents and their babies.”

Visit Joimove London page on facebook to find more about Hollie and her sessions in London.

Spaces are limited so make sure you contacted to receive your Joimove Class Information Pack and reserve your space.

7 Benefits of Babywearing and Dance

7 Benefits of Babywearing and Dance, for you and for baby

Being a Joimover you’re probably already familiar with how wearing your baby and dancing are a natural pairing. When you put on your baby and sway to the music, you know that your baby is learning from their world, enjoying your company and creating core memories that will stay with them throughout their life.

Check out our list of 7 key benefits of babywearing and dancing!

1- Helps with post-natal depression

Many women experience postnatal depression after having a baby. It’s actually more common than you may realise. According to the NHS, it affects around 10% of all women who have had a baby. Frequently developing within the first three months after delivery, it’s often not apparent until around six months post delivery.

One way to help guard against post-natal depression is to be active with your baby. There’s plenty of evidence to support the idea of the antidepressant effects of exercise in general and in clinical populations. In other words, going for a walk, having a dance around the kitchen or in a dance class helps to lift your mood. It’s no surprise then that women who are active with their babies consistently score better on post-natal interviews about postpartum adaptation.

Don’t forget the power of hormones. By dancing with your baby in a carrier or sling you increase yours and your baby’s oxytocin levels, helping to promote your ‘feel-good’ hormone levels. So, close cuddles, kisses and swaying to the music boost your mood, create close emotional bonding and help to protect you against post-natal depression.

2- Carried babies cry less

Research shows that, carried babies cry less. According to a study by Hunziker and Garr, parents who babywear their babies for three hours a day see a 43 percent overall reduction in crying. And when looking specifically at evening crying, there is a reduction of 54 percent. So, less crying means more happiness for both baby and parent.

3- Great way to bond with your baby

What better way to bond with your baby than when you can touch them, kiss them and move around with them? No sore backs, hips or arms from in-arm carrying. When you wear your baby your arms are free for a full-body cuddle. And while you’re doing this, you’re promoting increased levels of oxytocin in both of you and increasing your emotional bonding.

4-Increases your happiness

Research has shown that the chemical changes that occur in the brain during exercise are very similar to those in antidepressants. Physically active people recover from mild depression more quickly, and physical activity is strongly correlated with good mental health as people age.

 5-Keeps you active

Babywearing helps the wearer get active! With a baby attached, every step helps to make your body stronger. As the baby slowly gains weight, your workout intensity slowly increases. Even wearing your baby during low impact gentle exercises has a positive effect.

6-Get Social

Get on out there! Take a walk in the park, meet people for a play-date or join a class, it’s up to you. Babywearing can be a talking point when meeting people who share common interests, and it’s a great way to bring your baby to things that may be difficult to access with a pram or buggy. Whatever you do, babywearing is a simple and easy way to keep active and social.

7-Builds a healthy lifestyle for you and your family

We live in a world where obesity and low physical activity are all around us. There’s plenty of research to suggest that as parents and carers, it’s important for us to encourage children to take part in more physical activity. Unfortunately few studies are aware of the huge benefits of family dancing. There is no cost to dancing at home, and it doesn’t require any specialised equipment. Everyone can take part and it’s a great way to share happy moments together as a family. It brings family members together and promote active lifestyle and connection.

Now that you know, get on out there and enjoy dancing!

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Testimonial / Joimove Babies Instructor Training




Dr Ally Baker / Joimove Trainee / United Kingdom

As a new mum with a 10 week old baby, I would like to say how brilliant it is to do Joimove Babies training at this time. I started my training in the late stages of pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed my first training session with Selen Yilmaz. I was lucky enough to organise another face to face training session with Selen, and this went fantastically well for both me and the baby. It is a great time to test out routines, as having a real live newborn helps you to understand how group participants will be feeling and to make sure that the dancing works well with babywearing.



The baby was happy in the sling and enjoyed the music and movement while awake. It helped to settle the baby and she slept well for more than half of the training session. There were a couple of murmurs from her, but when Selen chose right moves immediately that got us moving around the room, the baby quickly settled again. It also helped to space out the feeds to a better time interval than would normally happen at that time of day.

As for me, I instantly felt better and brighter than I had in weeks. The music and dancing made me almost instantly smile from head to toe and I could feel the benefit of endorphins flowing through my body. The first weeks with a baby can be hard and there’s a lot of sitting and feeding and a sore achy body from carrying and bad feeding positions. The dance helped me to gently stretch out my muscles and improve posture. Beneficial for body, mind and mood!!!

Selen’s positivity was inspirational and help from Joimove team was great. I now feel positive and capable of soon becoming a Joimove instructor. I look forward to spreading positive feelings by running groups for other parent and babies and making the postnatal period more pleasurable for both parties.

Dr Ally Baker / Joimove Trainee / United Kingdom

Babywearing Dance at the CID, Unesco 46th World Congress

Babywearing Dance is welcomed in the world of Dance – CID, UNESCO

Our founder, Selen Yilmaz, recently came back from attending the 46th CID, Unesco World Congress on Dance Research in Miami Florida, and wanted to share with us her experiences. This is what she had to say about her amazing journey:

My beautiful Joimovers, what an adventure we’ve had! We’ve survived a hurricane, met delegates from Africa, Italy, the UK and from across the USA, exchanged knowledge on dance and dance research, shared dance lectures, and witnessed some amazing dance performances from fabulous people. In short, I’ve had some unforgettable experiences.

Selen yilmaz Joimove cid unesco

There was so much to do, see and be part of during the congress (despite the late start), but by far the most exciting thing for me was introducing everyone to Joimove, our beautiful community.

I was so proud to be able to debut our oneofakind field to the wider dancing world. Our work, babywearing, dancing, connecting within the family and healing really is something new and there was plenty of excitement from everyone about it.

Thanks to KOKADI‘s sponsorship, a specialist in eco-conscious and fashionable babywearing products, I was able to not only attend the congress but also to give a lecture entitled Babywearing Dance and Healing”, as well as a practical workshop. Both the lecture and workshop helped to reinforce the real benefits people get from babywearing, dancing and healing through music and movements.

selen yilmaz healing

Lecture: “Babywearing, Dancing and Healing” sponsored by Kokadi

I’ve dedicated my life to bringing families together and sharing the benefits of dancing, so this opportunity to contribute to the wider dance scholarship about babywearing dance really was so fulfilling.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am on a mission. A mission to show that dance is a natural way to deal with whatever life throws at us. I believe dance is a beautiful non-verbal communication tool that has the means to shift mindsets in positive ways. I believe it can improve relationships, and create positive core memories. I believe that dancing, with babywearing, is the best tool for family bonding and healing.

So it was an extraordinary thing to be able to share my beliefs with the Congress and for them to honour us with a special opportunity to shape the world of dance in the UK. As you know, Joimove is an institutional member of the CID and all graduates from Joimove International School receive certification to the CID, Unesco via Joimove.


Michel F. Jacques (President of CID, Unesco Hallandale Section), Selen Yilmaz (Founder of Joimove) , Dr. Antonio H Wong (MD, Family Medicine)

Whilst at the congress in Miami, I met with the president of the CID, Hallandale and I am so pleased to announce a new collaboration between the UK and USA where they will lead and contribute to research on dance medicine and science. Joimove will now be representing the CID in the UK, and Glasgow will be the headquarters, where I am based. I’m delighted about this collaboration and excited to see where it takes us. We can’t wait to share new projects, hold conferences and conduct research with Joimovers and dance professionals across the UK.

What can I say, amazing! Wonderous! Exciting! Joimovers, welcome to the wider dance community!

cid unesco miami

International Dance Council (CID), Unesco is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world. It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based. Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals within dance in over 170 countries. CID is the official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Babywearing Dance and Healing / CID – UNESCO 46th World Dance Congress

Introducing Babywearing Dance to the 46th Annual CID World Dance Congress

With all the work we do promoting babywearing dance to our communities, it can be easy to forget that babywearing dance is a relatively new phenomenon, only really gaining popularity in the last few years, and relatively unknown outside babywearing dance circles. So it makes it even more exciting to share with you that our founder, Selen Yilmaz, is getting ready to make her way to Miami for the CID – UNESCO 46th World Dance Congress (5th – 9th October 2016) to give a lecture and a workshop on babywearing dance and healing, to dance professionals from around the world.


The Congress is an amazing event that takes place annually. More than just a get-together of dancers, it’s a trade fair, a place of learning, and a networking event whereby dancer teachers, choreographers and researchers are given the chance to collectively discuss and learn about dance and the issues that surround it. It’s a place where formal and informal learning and networking are a given and where new ideas about dance are discussed. So, the perfect place to introduce everyone to babywearing dance.


When speaking with Selen about attending the Congress she said “I can’t wait to speak at the Congress and lead a practical workshop. I’m passionate about dance, and specifically babywearing dance and I want to share it with the world! Dance is about connections, community. And the first community we know is our family. Babywearing dance directly focuses on this important unit and I want to share my knowledge, passion and experience with the larger dance community. I want them to understand that babywearing dance is more than just a fitness or exercising fad, it’s about bonding, it’s about communication between wearer and baby, it’s about shared moments, happy vibes and staying active together. It’s about love.”

The timing of the Congress couldn’t be better for Selen as it falls just after the successful International Babywearing Dance Day and Week which saw dancers from 5 continents celebrate babywearing dance. If that isn’t a wonderful introduction of the “newest” form of dance than what is?!

From all of us at Joimove, Selen, wishing you all the best of luck at the Congress. We can’t wait to hear how she has wowed them with her talk and workshop and shared the beauty that is babywearing dance with the wider world.

Kokadi, one of the most important specialists in eco-conscious and fashionable babywearing worldwide is proudly sponsoring Selen Yilmaz at the CID- UNESCO 46th World Dance Congress.

IBDD2016 – An amazing success of a global babywearing dance

IBDD2016 – An amazing success of a global babywearing dance

Wouldn’t you agree Babywearing Dance Week and Day were amazing! Everything we’ve seen and heard shows that it was a spectacular success, with families from 5 continents all coming together in spirit to celebrate the beauty, the passion and the experience of babywearing dance.

A total of 18 different groups took part across the world to share the passion and visions of IBDD. It’s awe inspiring to think that even though we were all dancing in our own communities, together we created an energy, a buzz and a community feel, a collective movement of babywearing dancers and babywearers around the world.

More than just about sharing the moment with our babies, (which of course is beautiful and very important), IBDD built itself on the promise to share babywearing dance safety and good-practice. And everyone who took part in IBDD really did take that on board. Just look at everyone’s websites, social feeds and videos and you’ll see how babywearing safety has really been brought to the fore. (We’re definitely honoured that everyone is sharing our PEACE and SAFE guidelines with their communities in order to promote safe babywearing dancing).

And this year’s IBDD definitely made a lasting impression around the world, with everyone dancing the beautiful “Love is This” routine and working together to smash the Guinness Book of World Records for total number of people babywearing dancing to the same routine worldwide (we still have to get confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records about whether we did in fact break it, but we’ll let you know when we hear from them). Either way, go us!!

From all of us at Joimove, we want to send out a super huge thank you to the IBDD team. We’re proud to be co-founder organisation of this wonderful initiative and know it can’t have been easy getting an international week of celebration off the ground, so thank you for all your hard work and dedication. And to everyone who participated, watched and believed in IBDD, thank you too! Without you, IBDD wouldn’t have been as successful as it turned out to be.

Can’t wait to hear what’s in store for IBDD 2017; dancing for our ourselves, for our communities and for the world. Watch IBDD website for updates

Here is the IBDD2016 video highlighting by all participants from 5 continents.


IBDD, bringing the world together!

With International Babywearing Dance Day and Week fast approaching, we thought we’d share with you some of the amazing stories from participating groups. Although participants are from around the world and each have their own cultures, traditions and beliefs, each of us has one thing in common, the desire to share the beauty of babywearing dance with the world. We hope you’ll be inspired to take part in your local event or to set one up with your group. Visit to see all IBDD groups and locations.

love is this

Draag&Dans – Holland

Six months ago, inspired by videos of happy families dancing with their babies, Draag&Dans decided to introduce babywearing dance to their dutch dancing community.

On 12th March 2016, using only social media to promote their new venture, the class in Alphen ann den Rijn, a small town in the west of Holland, saw 50 mums and dads make their way to their dance floor with their young children. It was a phenomenal success.

Since that fateful day, Draag&Dans have been going from strength to strength, being broadcast on dutch tv, published in national newspapers and offering their classes in 55 dance schools across the country!

Ronald & Mieke de Vos of Draag&Dans say “we’re so excited to be taking part in International Babywearing Dance Day on 21st September. Most dancing schools are starting their season so it’s the perfect time for us to promote our classes and dancing as a wonderful way for families to bond. We hope IBDD inspires dutch dancing schools to take up babywearing dance and of course, we hope to spread the word about Draag&Dans to more families. We wish everyone participating in this amazing day and week of celebration every success! Best of luck on IBDD!”

Nesemese – Czech Republic

Kristýna Krisulka Honkova, founder of Nesemese in Brno, is a mother of 3 (or four if you count Nesemese). This amazing resource launched two years ago, and offers a wide range of services for mums and babies, both indoors and outdoors. From babywearing workouts, dancing and babywalking nature walks to flashmobs, a small lending library and a babywearing and breastfeeding consultancy, there’s plenty of support available for local mums to access.

Nesemese is part of the larger Brno babywearing community, the second largest in the Czech Republic, and considered one of the largest babywearing communities in the “Heart of Europe”.

Kristýna says “We can’t wait to take part in the upcoming International Babywearing Dance Week and International Babywearing Dance Day. We want to raise public awareness of the possibilities of babywearing and of course promote our events for the upcoming Babywearing Week (5 – 10 October). But mostly, we can’t wait to dance, enjoy ourselves and have a good time!”

Bouncing Bambini – USA

Motherhood brought dancing and movement to the next level for Amanda Holliday. Though already a dance and movement instructor with her own company, Bouncing Bambini, founded in 2014, it was after the birth of her own bundle of love that she started a babywearing dance class called, “Baby & Mombo”.

Like most mothers on maternity leave, she found it difficult to find activities she could enjoy with her baby that also gave her the chance to be active and social with other moms.

Taking up the challenge, Amanda watched online babywearing dance videos and consulted with local mums, local babywearing consultants, fitness professionals, and SelenYilmaz from Joimove, all of whom helped to convince her that babywearing dance was more than theoretical, it was something that could definitely be done! She is certified on pre-post-natal fitness and becoming certified babywearing peer supporter and babywearing dance facilitator soon.

Amanda says “I love the fact that I’m helping mamas and papas bond with their little ones through dance. It’s great to see everyone dancing, smiling, and being active. I know that for me, my son is still the best dance partner; we love this time to snuggle and dance, so I know how dance can bring families together.

I’m really excited to take part in International Babywearing Dance Day as well as to help set a Guinness World Record with baby wearing dancers across the globe! I can’t wait to dance with families in the Washington, DC, Northern VA, and local Maryland area and for all of to be part of this amazing event!”

If this didn’t inspire, what will?!

There are some amazing groups from around the world taking part in the upcoming IBDD. We’d love to have you and your group join us, and to help us break the Guinness Book of World Records of the most people undertaking a babywearing routine in a 24hour period.

Join us today!


International Babywearing Dance Day IBDD 2016 – “LOVE Is THIS”

International Babywearing Dance Day – sharing babywearing dance with the world

Family togetherness, joy and dancing – what’s more wonderful than this? International Babywearing Dance Day (IBDD2016), on Wednesday 21 September 2016, is going to bring these things together to create a day of celebration around the world.

Babywearing movement leaders and families from 5 continents are going to share the beauty of babywearing dance, cuddling, loving and active babywearing good-practice to everyone who sees them. And the celebrations aren’t just for one day. Expect a full week of festivities with dancing, workshops and gatherings taking place around the world throughout the week of 18th-27th September. 

IBDD is a great example of collaborative working. Back in May 2016, Armelia in Singapore (CoolmumzDancin), Selen in the UK (Joimove International) and Meeshi in the USA (Groovaroo Dance), got together online and started to plan for this amazing week.

It’s not easy collaborating internationally. With meetings often being in the early morning / late night (midnight in UK, very early morning in Singapore and 2am in USA), there’s no easy time to catch up. But despite this, the love of dancing and a firm belief in the benefits of babywearing dancing has inspired the founders to work through this time difference to create IBDD.

After deciding on the song “Love is in the air”, each IBDD founder choreographed and recorded part of the routine individually. The three parts were put together, and “Love is this” was born.

With successful trial runs of the dance in May 2016 in Turkey, USA, Singapore, Lithuania and Scotland, this beautiful gift of movement was set to be the anthem for IBDD, and ready to share with families around the world.

There’s plenty going on in the world today. With violence, hunger, selfishness, discrimination and hate at our doorstep, it can often be difficult to see the good in the world. And adversity isn’t just a larger social construct. If you follow Meeshi, Armelia or Selen, you’ll know that life, though continuing on, has its own difficulties and issues.

That’s why IBDD is such an important focal point of love, compassion, empathy and acceptance. IBDD celebrations are a positive way for the world to break from misery and a movement which the world needs.

We’re so amazed at the response to our call to dance. It’s wonderful to see how the idea of dancing for a common goal, sharing positivity and love with babies has reached thousands of people in the first week of promoting IBDD alone! Now, communities in 5 continents are getting ready to celebrate IBDD and more registering every day. It’s wonderful to see how our volunteer initiative is blooming.

Not yet registered your dance group to take part in IBDD? Visit the IBDD2016 webpage and register today so you can also take part in our Guinness World Record attempt of the most people participating in a babywearing routine in 24 hours. Be part of something big.

Remember, to always keep in mind the PEACE and SAFE babywearing guidelines to ensure both you and baby are safe and comfortable. Beware of narrow based carriers, loose wraps, carrier too big or too small for baby and unfitted straps. If in doubt, get in touch with your local sling library or consultant and find a carrier that’s suitable for you.

Keep safe, dance full of joy and love hard.

Happy babywearing and Happy dancing to all of us!

Visit to find more resources.

Babywearing Safety to Babywearing Dance Safety – PEACE

This is our motto: “Never miss a chance to dance!” but with our little ones, safety comes first!

We love all dances, especially babywearing dance. We believe it’s the key to creating strong emotional, physical and intellectual bonds with our baby, a way to communicate love through movement.

While dancing and movement is the main activity, doing it safely comes first. Everybody, including baby, needs to feel comfortable, calm and safe. Without this, there is some sharing the moment but less learning,  less comfort and less joy.



Anyone who danced with us during our Dance with Babies classes will remember that movement safety was much more of a concern than babywearing safety. However through training, developing safety formulas with experts, better understanding and education, we’ve learned that the safety of baby and wearer is actually the most important part of any class, even more important than the dancing itself.

That’s why all of our Instructors are taught about post natal health, the PEACE babywearing dance guidelines and the importance of environmental safety.

We know it’s not safe to see baby dangling in a sling as you’re dancing. We know it’s not safe to see baby in a sling that’s too big or too small when you’re dancing. We know it’s not safe to see baby’s head and neck swinging around as you dance to the music. We know it’s not safe to bounce, jerk or jump to the music when baby is in your sling. That’s why all of our Instructors are equipped with knowledge to help class participants and babies feel safe and happy.

And it’s not only about baby’s safety. We know that if the wearer is uncomfortable, feeling sore or hurting than the experience won’t be a positive one for baby or wearer. Not only that, but wearing baby incorrectly or in an ill-fitting carrier can cause pressure to yours and your baby’s spine.

It’s also not only about physical safety. Environmental safety, hearing safety, movement safety, women’s health and baby development are also key. While you can change your environment, stop if sore or take a breath if too hot, our babies don’t have that option. They can’t lower the music if it’s too loud or turn down the heat if it’s too hot. They can’t take off a jumper if they’re getting too sweaty or tell you they’ve had enough, using words. It’s up to us, as Joimove Instructors and as caregivers, to ensure a safe environment to live, laugh and learn.

joimove babies babywearing dance

Unfortunately, we know there are many classes out there that don’t consider safety in the same way that we do. We see them online, on TV and have witnessed them in person. Perhaps the instructors are thinking that ensuring the babywearing TICKS is more than enough to keep baby safe during their dance or exercise class. Or maybe they think “oh it’s only 30 minutes, what can happen”? Worst of all, maybe they just don’t know even there is a babywearing safety issue at all.

That’s what makes Joimove different. We understand the importance of safety for every class participant; from baby to grandmother. We work hard to ensure every one of our classes, workshops and events are safe. We take safety seriously and share our knowledge with you through our Joimove International School of Dancing team and programs on how to make dancing with your baby a beautiful and wonderful experience.

It should be everyone’s responsibility to be self-aware of safety. Let’s remember to support our baby’s head, neck and spine when dancing. Let’s take care of our own spine and joints so we can dance without pain. New moms, let’s give our bodies time to recover and revitalise after birth. Dress in layers, bring fluid for hydration and ensure the room isn’t too warm. But most of all, let’s make sure we feel safe, we feel secure and we feel comfortable when we are dancing, exercising or leading these sessions.

PEACE Babywearing Dance Safety Guidelines

Joimove at the Doune the Rabbit Hole Music Festival – August 2016

Kristine, our Joimove Instructor from Glasgow South, has shared with us her thoughts on bringing Joimove to Doune the Rabbit Hole Music Festival, last week.

Hello Joimovers,

I hope this summer has been good to you  🙂 and offered you all you wished for!

For me, summer is all about blue skies, warming sunshine, enjoying lots of fresh air outside and of course time with my family. But one thing I also love about summer is that it’s Festival season. Every year, I try to go to at least one festival and this year was no exception. More than just being outside listening to amazing music, I love festivals because they’re a place where I can dance.

Never before I have been in festival in UK because thought about changing weather and never ending mud bath has always put me off. Here in Scotland you need to be ready for all seasons in one day – that is what they say when talking about weather. But, Doune the Rabbit Hole Music Festival in Stirlingshire, Scotland really got me motivated to try one out. It seemed like a cool fest to check out, not only because of the many bands, stalls and activities, but because I saw it as the perfect place to spread the joy of dancing. It’s a very family-oriented festival, -and they host Joimove last year as Dance with Babies and Toddlers-, so it just seemed like the best place to share the beauty of dancing together, and introducing everyone to Joimove. 

With it being right at my doorstep, I thought “hey, I can bring my gear and it would be totally fun!” So I contacted the organisers and received a great welcome for the Joimove Family Dance workshop in their festival programme.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from having a workshop at the Doune the Rabbit Hole, but you know what, it was great fun! Although my class was on the third day of the festival (so people were probably sleep-deprived), there was plenty of energy. Although many parents weren’t quite as fresh as the kids (who had TONS of energy), there were plenty of happy smiling faces from both adults and kids. We danced salsa, rock’n’roll, ballet and all the usual styles you’d get at a typical Joimove class. It really was just like being in a regular wonderful Joimove class, only in a tent at a music festival.

Never been to a festival before? I can totally recommend it! It’s the perfect place to share the moment with your family and get a boogie on. Take the plunge, pack some wellies, your waterproofs, sunscreen, a few T-shirts, your dancing spirit and go! And your kids will love it to! Wherever you go, be a Joimover – dance and have fun together! 


Kristine Meistere
Certified Joimove Babies, Kids Instructor


Joimove Taiwan – Oovi Centre in Taipei

“Joimove makes it to Taiwan!

joimove babies oovi taipei taiwan

Joimove Babies session at Oovi

We’re so excited to share with you that Joimove classes are now being held at the Oovi Family Activities Centre in Taipei.

The newly opened holistic parenting centre is a great place for parents to access classes, experts in baby-related fields and an excellent place for parents to build communities of friends.

Along with Joimove classes, led by Diana Chendana, Certified Joimove Instructor and owner of the Oovi Centre, parents can access pregnancy exercise classes, baby and toddler swim classes as well as baby and toddler yoga classes.

Diana Chendana says “I believe that through the classes we offer, parents are more energized. Oovi is a place where you can forget about other people’s expectations and just enjoy your baby, watching them learn and grow as they take in their world. It’s a safe place where you can just enjoy time with your baby”.

We’re so pleased that Joimove can be part of such a wonderful community project, and we wish everyone within the centre all the best.”

Glasgow Joimovers at Merchant City Festival 2016

joimove mcf-2016
JOIMOVERS of Glasgow performed a Babywearing Family Dance Routine in Dance House Glasgow Community Stage at the Merchany City Festival 2016, MCF 2016.

This was Joimovers’ 3rd year at the Merchant City Festival where they shared their spirit of family dancing!
Glasgow Joimovers met with their babies, moms, grandmoms, friends at the Briggait, got ready their props and quickly practised the routine for the first time together. And right after they were off to the stage to have a great fun. Joimovers are non-rehearsal performers who are mostly non-dancers. They turn up at the day enjoy being dancing together and share their love of dancing with everyone.


Program at the Stage:

1pm – Introduction and welcome by Ailsa-Mary Gold
1.05pm – Dance House Glasgow Community Company
1.15pm – Overdrive
1.25pm – Jump
1.35pm – Dance House Glasgow Still Dancing
1.40pm – Ailsa-Mary little speech
1.50pm – Joimoves
2.00pm – Abinaya
2.10pm – Urbankis
2.20pm – Glasgow Capoeira
2. 30pm – Dance House Glasgow Community Company
2.40pm – Abinaya WORKSHOP


How to Adapt Narrow Based Baby Carrier to Dance

How to Adapt Narrow Based Baby Carrier to Dance

Not all baby carriers are created equal. It’s not that narrow based carriers are not safe; they all undergo rigorous testing before you buy them. It’s not even that many of them aren’t ergonomic for baby and wearer (though this should indeed be a factor when choosing a carrier or sling).

Rather, the issue is more about what you’re planning on doing while wearing your baby. Walking around town? No problem. As long as it is suitable for your baby’s age and size and ergonomically fitted well most carriers and slings are suitable for this type of activity. Going hill walking? Better think twice about wearing baby in a pouch. Think of the carrier like shoes, you wouldn’t wear heels to climb a mountain so why would you wear a baby in a pouch if you’re dancing?

Having a sling or carrier for all the different activities you could possibly undertake with your precious bundle really isn’t a manageable or realistic solution. More than just getting expensive, it can also mean having a rather large collection. So what can you do? You can adapt.

Adapting a sling or narrow based carrier isn’t ideal for all occasions and shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for buying an ergonomic and well fitting carrier for extended use. But, if you’re in a pinch, adapting your existing sling or carrier will help ensure you and baby are well supported to undertake active babywearing activities, like dancing.

Remember, it’s always best use an ergonomic baby carrier or sling. It offers the best support for baby’s hips, legs and joints, and sits in a comfortable position to protect not only baby’s head and neck and spine but also the wearers back, shoulders and core.

How to ADAPT a Narrow Based style carrier, to give maximum support to carer and baby …

narrow based baby carriers at dancing

1- put on your carrier and check the size adjustments are set correctly. (Straps should be pulled tightly and high enough so that you are able to kiss your baby on his/her head)

2- fold your aprox. 2 meter long scarf in half and

3- tuck the scarf in between carrier and your tummy from the middle

4- open the scarf and take each half to each side of your body 

5- place your baby deep in the carrier facing you, support her bottom, legs and knees by the help of the scarf

6- tighten the scarf and gently lift baby’s knees. (Knees will become higher than her hipbones)

7- tuck the scarf in the side straps of your carrier

8 – knot on your back

9- now let’s dance😉

NOTE that- If carrier has a gap on the head part keep one hand to support your baby’s head and neck at most times during dancing!

FInd more on our Joimove International School of Babywearing Dance’s Youtube Channel

Babywearing Dance and Men


babywearing dance and men

When you look at the world, there’s increasing gender equality. Where women were once the only caregivers to our youngest members of society, now, men are taking a real hands-on approach to fatherhood. Men see their roles as more than just the breadwinner, the masculine figure, the authoritarian. They see themselves as caregivers, devoted parents and loving.

This shift is very clearly reflected not only in terms of physical care but also with how men carry, cuddle, and hold their babies. There’s nothing more evident of this shift than the increasing number of babywearing men. Look down the street and you’re bound to find a man wearing a baby – maybe even two, or twenty depending on where you are. It’s a phenomenon that reflects men’s new role with their children.

And yet…

Despite the number of men wearing their babies, and parenting in a more gentle way, the number of men who actively dance with their children doesn’t reflect the changes.


Is it because men feel less comfortable and confident with their own bodies in motion than women? Do they feel societal pressures against showing emotions, love and affection in public, particularly through the medium of movement and dance? Or is it simply that dance is still considered part of the “feminine” domain?

Whatever the reasons, let’s break the cycle. Babywearing dance isn’t just for mom and baby.

There are plenty of examples of men breaking the mold and taking the first dance step forward.

Let’s help the men in our lives – fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers and friends – cast out the fear, the negative feelings and societal stigmas they face when taking up babywearing dance. Let’s work to create safe environments for men to come to dance with their babies, whether at home, in a class or on the street.

Let’s encourage our men, and our children in turn, that dance is beautiful, fulfilling and soul refreshing. It’s a way to bring joy, happiness and love to each other.

Let’s break societal boundaries and help create a new world where dancing, babywearing dance and dancing as a family are the norm. Let’s create a world where everyone feels confident and comfortable to move to the beat of their love.

And we invite all men to join us in this world.

Dance is universal. Dance is beauty. Dance bridges souls. Dance is love.

There’s a dancing dads revolution taking place right now. Check out this wonderful video clip of dads dancing with their babies with GroovaRoo Dance in San Diego, California. To follow their dancing dad-volution, follow GroovaRoo Dance on Facebook and Instagram.

Focus on Ruta Lelyte, Joimove Lithuania

A few weeks ago, Ruta Leltye from Joimove in Lithuania, popped over to Glasgow to spend some time with our founder, Selen Yilmaz. She got the chance to interview Ruta and find out all about her and what makes her tick.

Ruta-Selen Yilmaz Joimove Interview

What’s your relationship to dancing?

I think I have dancing in the blood. From as young as 5 years old I was expressing myself through dance and movement, anywhere and everywhere. Not only was I dancing, but I would put on shows with people and props. I just loved it. My parents took it as a sign and I started ballet.

And was dance an important part of your life before you joined Joimove?

I graduated with a degree in psychology from university but dance was always an important part of my life, even during my studies.

Even aside from teaching dance, which I continued to do, I believe my educational trajectory was always guided by my love of dance. Not only did I go into psychology because I was fascinated by the human mind, the physical body and the soul, which are of course important to dance, but my Masters thesis focused on the need to understand the characteristics of successful professional dancers. Even after my Masters, with another change in direction, my focus was led, once again, by my love of psychology and dance, to the field of dance therapy.

Now that you’re a mom, how do you feel about dancing with your baby?

I just naturally do it! As a dancer, I guess the MAGIC of DANCE (as I like to call it) naturally overflowed in me when my baby was born, and I connected with my son in the language of my soul. And of course I still do it.

So you started running babywearing dance classes because you were dancing with your own baby?

Yes, I started classes, but the first thing I did was to research about babywearing, mothers, health and safety. Since moms and babies are a group with very particular needs, I wanted to make sure that whatever class I gave was beautiful, enjoyable and extraordinary, not dangerous and difficult. So, I looked for training courses since I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel. Luckily I found Joimove. It had exactly what I was looking for, and had the same outlook on dance as I had.

So you found Joimove. What did you think of the training? Was it what you were looking for?

To be honest I wanted to use more complex choreography routines, like the ones I was doing with my own baby. But, I know that not all mothers, fathers or carers have the same level of control over their body, or their baby, as I do as a dancer. So it was, of course, right that I learned the basics and was reminded to keep things a bit simpler and safe for everyone.

What was the biggest bit of knowledge you gained from the course?

The main benefit of the training for me was figuring out how to use my experience as a professional dancer for my new group of students – mothers and babies. They are certainly not like the students, children, professional dancers, schools and nurseries I’ve taught before, as they have very definite and varying needs. So, I had quite a learning curve. I had to figure everything out – from how to communicate through babywearing dance and how gentle I should be, to what I should focus on in my classes, through to what types of moves I should avoid.

But overall, no matter the dancer or their needs, I was reminded that the biggest thing to focus on in any class has to be on the need to build relationships and bonding through dance. I kept Joimove’s manifesto that dance is a tool for communication, not focus to get fit!

What about the difficulties of using baby carriers during dance?

Yes, that too was something I was unfamiliar with. I had to learn about carrier safety in dance, and that not all movements are suitable for babywearing dance even with ergonomically correct carriers.

I remember you were asking during your training about using different moves and approaches for self expression. Do you have a chance to use this practice in your classes?

I certainly do! I focus my classes on creating a two-way communication channel between parent and child, with baby as a partner, not subordinate. Using specific routines and movements that help parents raise specific emotions, we create powerful connections between dancer, babies and the other participants.

Yes, not just between dancer and partner, but with everyone around as well. We are all sharing this powerful tool together! Its important to see that dance is more than just ourselves, it’s a way to elicit emotions, and a communication tool for babies who cannot yet speak. But, it’s a communication method that stay with them for the rest of their lives, not just that moment.

So in my classes we create a positive atmosphere where we enjoy movements and create a practice that can be done throughout our own, and our babies’ lives.

What are your plans for the next year in Joimove Lithuania?

What I’d really like to do is to connect with more babywearing and Attachment Parenting communities in Lithuania so I can share the benefits of babywearing dance. I want to spread the message about babywearing dance far and wide, to help people connect and communicate with their babies and children. I want to help create sustainable happiness in our family units by the help of Joimove International.

And I’m so excited for the upcoming International Babywearing Dance Day on 21st September 2016. It’s the perfect vehicle to do this. I don’t see Joimove as a way to make a difference only now, I see it as a way to affect change for future generations. I don’t believe what I’m doing is about making our babies into dancers, I believe its about building self-confidence and raising our children to be positive individuals. And that’s what I’m wanting to focus on for the coming year.

I’m so proud to represent Joimove in Lithuania and am very excited and happy to be part of this amazing International community and JISBD! Thank you so much!

4 Reasons Why Babywearing Dance Is Here To Stay

4 Reasons Why Babywearing Dance Is Here To Stay

Babywearing dance may be a relatively new phenomenon, but we’re certain that it’s something that’s only going to grow in popularity.

Take a look online, on TV, in magazines and in your neighbourhoods, you’ll find it becoming more and more common. From viral videos to flash-mobs to local classes, everyone’s doing it. It’s the easy, fun, active and joyful way to bond with baby.

Here are our four reasons why we think babywearing dance is here to stay:


We all dance

We all do it, whether wearing baby or not. We tap our toes, swing our hips and move about rhythmically when we hear music. Sometimes we do it consciously, but most often, we do it without realising it. Music moves us.

The same thing happens when you’re wearing your baby. You’ll probably find you consciously or unconsciously hold your baby’s hands, gently kiss their head, wrap your arms around them for deep cuddles, sway your body, tap your toes or shuffle about when you hear music. Dancing, movement and rhythm are part of us and we pass it on to our little one.

Maybe you do it to help calm a stressful moment with your baby, or you do it to play and engage with them, either way you’re connecting, caring and reinforcing attachment with your baby.

babywearing dance

No extra equipment needed

You don’t need to buy any extra equipment to enjoy dancing with your baby. If you can pick up your baby or carry them in a sling or carrier, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy the physical closeness and joyful communication that is dancing.

Its important to remember, however, that no matter what way you enjoy dancing with your baby, safety has to come first. From making sure your baby’s head and neck are fully supported at all times to remembering the T.I.C.K.S of babywearing, safety first.

You’re important too. Don’t over exert, watch your back, and if you’re dancing with a carrier or sling, remember to choose the right size and type suitable for your activities so you can prevent lower back pain as well as shoulder or neck injuries.



Its good for us

Babywearing dance has benefits for both wearer and baby that span the physical body and the soul. Keeping active, no matter how you do it, gives you confidence, plenty of endorphins and can help boost selfesteem, not to mention keeping you fit.

For baby, what’s better than introducing them to music, rhythm and movement through a loving dance? Family health professionals, paediatricians, physiotherapist, psychologists and babywearing experts alike all know that there are plenty of benefits for baby; from helping to sooth colic, and create better sleep, it also solidifies connections between wearer and baby, creating joyful parenting moments and a nurturing touch.

It’s important however that you never see babywearing dance as means to “losing baby weight” or calorie burning. If you only treat wearing your baby as extra weight for a cardio session or practice fast and bouncy movements, you could be putting both you and your baby at risk of overheating, overstimulation, and in extreme situations, shaken baby syndrome. So, to keep safe, remember that baby is the main focus of your dance so keep it slow, gentle and smooth; not fast, bouncy and extreme.

Babies learn from what they see, so if they see you being safe, active and happy, they’ll mimic your good moves. Wear your baby comfortably and safely, practice smooth and gentle moves with a low level of music, keep your heart open and receptive and you’ll find lasting joy for both of you!

love is this by Joimove scotland

International Babywearing Dance Day

With the first International day recognising babywearing dance scheduled for 21 September 2016, you know it’s no fad!

The number of babywearing dance practitioners is growing every day. With the help of JISBD and all of our wonderful Joimovers, we can increase the reach of this joyful practice, ensuring it reaches more hearts and souls, creating a happier, healthier world.

What do you think, are there other signs babywearing dance is here to stay? What would your top four reasons be?

“Love Is This” International Babywearing Dance Routine

The world of babywearing dance isn’t a large one so it was no wonder GroovaRoo Dance and Cool Mumz Dancin came onto Selen Yilmaz, our founder’s, radar.

After introductory emails and a few chats, it became apparent to Selen that Meeshi Ravi Anjali, co-founder of GroovaRoo Dance in San Diego California, and Intan Armelia, our recent JISBD student and founder of Cool Mumz Dancin in Singapore, had very similar ideologies and thoughts about babywearing dance.

So, in just three weeks, after online meetings and discussions (which is no easy feat between three countries and countless time zones), the three founders decided to hold the first ever global babywearing dance event.

More than just independent events in three locations, their vision was to hold flashmobs worldwide during the weekend of 21st and 22nd May. And that’s exactly what happened.

love is this

“Love is This”, a collaboratively created routine, brought together over 1000 families in the USA, Singapore, Turkey, Lithuania and Scotland to dance and share their love of babywearing dance.

Selen Yilmaz said of the event that “It was wonderful to see and hear of the excellent turn out for our inspirational event. All of us who collaborated believe that dancing with children is a fundamental way to grow happiness within the family unit. We feel that dance not only helps to build happier, more confident and caring children, but is a building block to help families create lasting relationships and esteem, through being active. That’s why we wanted to inspire our communities to take part and get to know the beauty that is babywearing dance.”

She continued by saying “More than just a dance routine, we also wanted to showcase the power of collaboration in creating community cohesion. Working together, we were able to show how babywearing dance transcends the boundaries of geography, it’s universal.

love is this by Joimove scotland

Although used for the initial global flashmob event, “Love is This was conceived as an introduction to the First International Babywearing Dance Day (IBDD), scheduled for Wednesday 21 September 2016.

Selen said she believes that they’ve only scratched the surface of the number of people who could benefit from and enjoy babywearing dance, and she hopes to find more people taking part in September for IBDD.

So, here’s to bringing increased happiness and joy across cultural and generational divides.

joimove groovaroo

Will we see you in September for IBDD? We’ll be looking out for you!

Interview with Selen Yilmaz on Babywearing Dance Safety

Vicky Anderson, organising the upcoming Scottish Babywearing Convention in Rutherglen on 14th May, took some time from her busy schedule to speak with our founder, Selen Yilmaz, about the benefits of babywearing dance, babywearing dance safety and ways we can enjoy it without worrying. Check out what Selen had to say:

Selen Yilmaz with her daughter Lydia

Selen Yilmaz with her daughter

Why babywearing dance?

Babies, despite their lack of language, use early forms of communication to show their emotions. Music and movement are definitely gateways to their communication. Not only does dancing and moving create an amazing connection between baby and wearer, but it also helps them to explore their environment from eye level. And this exploration doesn’t just start when they’re born. They explore, communicate and learn from their environment from the womb and continue to discover new moves, expressions, and reactions to sounds and objects all the time. You can see it in very young babies who wriggle, giggle and dance to music even before they can speak. And they take a delight in it even more when grown-ups, their siblings and other children take part too.


What happens when you dance with baby?

There are two things. Firstly, taking the time to dance with your baby creates a powerful connection with them. It’s a natural and wonderful way to communicate love, stability and comfort. The second thing that dancing does is that it helps to improve your baby’s coordination, balance, and strength. It’s also an easy way to help to boost your baby’s self-esteem, happiness, and encourage you to both be active. All of this doesn’t require fancy footwork or moves. Even the most basic moves have a positive effect.


I get why dance is important and why you should dance with your baby, by why should it be babywearing dance specifically?

As you know, babywearing not only makes some tasks easier by freeing up our hands, but it also helps to promote attachment parenting and bonding. For us at Joimove, we never see the goal of dancing, moving or exercising while babywearing as means to burn more calories (even if it often feels like it with baby’s extra weight). Rather, we see the babywearing part of the activity as a means to create a strong bond between wearer and child. And, using an

ergonomically designed type of carrier helps maintain a correct posture and fully support baby as she cuddles and grows, which is very difficult if you’re holding your baby in your arms.


Is there anything that people should be careful about while babywearing and dancing?

During pregnancy the growing uterus causes one’s centre of gravity to move forward. This can lead to tightness of the muscles of the lower back, hip flexors, and pain in the back of the neck due to the head’s position. New mothers can also experience sore necks and shoulders from their breastfeeding position and lower back pain from rocking, bouncing, and holding their babies. Its important to remember that even when babywearing movement and dancing involves low impact movements, you really should listen to your body. Know your physical limits while wearing your baby and keep to a gentle level of exercise with minimal exertion. Lastly, remember to take short breaks as needed, to prevent tiredness and dehydration.


How important is it to use the right baby carrier or sling while dancing with your baby?

Unfortunately, not all slings and carriers are suitable for babywearing dance and don’t offer the support needed for active babywearing. The most important thing to remember is that younger babies need head and neck support at all times while dancing.

So, when choosing a baby carrier or sling, keep these things in mind:

  • Narrow-based carriers, even if properly supported with a scarf hack, don’t provide the required neck support
  • Some buckle carriers or meiteis may be too big, wide or not adjustable for your baby’s size
  • Wraps need to be wrapped tightly enough to provide the needed head and neck support
  • Carriers that have been designed and worn ergonomically and correctly also prevent lower back pain and help the wearer achieve a comfortable, straighter stance and better posture.

So overall, its best to remember that to achieve an ergonomically correct position, it is vital to use the right-sized carrier for the baby’s build, weight, and age as well as the wearer’s body shape and health. Otherwise, you’ll need to use your hands and arms to give baby a comfortable, safe, and supportive snuggle while dancing.


What other rules should you remember when babywearing and dancing?

Really, the general babywearing T.I.C.K.S. , PEACE and SAFE guidelines are the biggest thing to remember. Carrying very young babies can be a wonderful and meaningful bonding experience for both the carer and baby, so we advocate always using an ergonomically correct and comfortable carrier to support both baby and wearer. Safety is paramount!


What about front-facing carriers?

We know there are plenty of advocates for babies being kept in front-facing carriers so they can enjoy facing out and observing interactions from this position. While its true that babies love to discover and experience new things, we don’t recommend carrying babies facing outwards under 1 years old. Not only because front-facing carrying doesn’t support a baby’s posture ergonomically, but it also makes it difficult to monitor your baby. Babies can often be overstimulated, both with their environment as well as the way in which they are carried. So really, we believe young babies should only be carried facing in. Not only because front-facing carrying may be uncomfortable for baby but also as the person carrying the baby, it can shift your body weight forward, putting pressure on your back, hips, and knees which may cause lower back pain, joint problems and injuries. 


Any last things to remember when choosing the right baby carrier/sling for dancing?

Get what’s right for you and your baby! If you do, you’ll find you have the freedom to move and dance and really enjoy yourself. Stay upright, and remember, if your favourite carrier or sling doesn’t quite work for faster movements and dance steps, you can always give baby additional support with your arms and hands. But overall, remember the babywearing T.I.C.K.S., and babywearing dance safety guidelines PEACE and SAFE.

Babywearing Dance Safety Joimove

Babywearing Dance Safety by JISBD


How does Joimove feature in helping people learn about babywearing dance and babywearing dance safety?

As you know, we’re an International community that works to create a positive influence on the world by connecting people of all ages through dance and movement. Babywearing and toddlerwearing is one of the vehicles we use to connect with babies and children. More than just our local classes, we also have our Joimove International School (JIS). Developed by dance, health, and babywearing professionals to provide clear guidelines and formal guidance in safe babywearning dance and movement, they are easy and straightforward courses perfect for gaining confidence and skills to safely wear, move and dance with a baby in a carrier or sling.

Babywearing dance is a fun and exciting thing to do with your baby and hopefully we’ve inspired more people to take it up and take advantage of our training so they can be safe, skilled and confident!

Selen Yilmaz

Founder, Joimove International, JIS. Visit Selen Yilmaz’s page to contact.

Vicky Anderson

Scottish Babywearing and Gentle Parenting Convention will be held at Rutherglen Town Hall on Saturday 14th May. Visit their website for more information or to book your ticket

Online Courses / Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety


Our training course has been developed by dance, babywearing, academic, early years, and babywearing professionals and provides quality information on active babywearing, babywearing safety, and babywearing dance and movement to individual learners from around the world. Our training modules are suitable for those who are new to babywearing, babywearing peer supporters and professionals, dance and fitness instructors, new and expecting parents, health and wellness professionals, and those who want to make a change in their lives and their communities.

Please take a moment to look through the Level 1 module description below, then apply online or email us at to receive your Course Enrolment Pack begin the registration process today!

Joimove – Babywearing Dance Safety Certification

Our New School!

We are so excited to be able to finally announce that we have launched the Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety Programmes at Joimove International School!!! After 9 months of collaborating with dance, fitness, early years, academic, and health professionals, we have developed two training and certification programmes that offer a new approach for babywearers, babywearing dance and fitness instructors, and individuals who work in the babywearing and parenting fields around the world.

We have created Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety training programme at our Joimove International School in response to the growing popularity of babywearing fitness and dance classes now available to parents with babies and young children. We want all individuals who work with babywearing parents and who participate in active babywearing to have access to quality training and information that has been developed and tested by dance, health, and babywearing professionals. Through our new school, Joimove International is now in a position to invite babywearers, parents, children, and professionals to train and stay safe and active.

So what’s in our exciting programme, you ask. The first step is to take our Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement module. This course welcomes everyone to the acts of babywearing and babywearing dance and movement. It provides a survey of information on the benefits of babywearing and babywearing dance and movement and detailed health and safety information to help individuals wear and dance safely with a baby in a carrier or sling. It provides a refresher on babywearing and sling safety to experienced babywearers and contiuously applies this safety knowledge to active living, dance, and movement while babywearing. The course can be undertaken online or at one of our live trainings.

We would also like to say thanks to all of our inquirers who have been waiting for our big launch! We are very happy to announce that our much-anticipated first online class, Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement, will begin on 1 April 2016!

After successfully completing the Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement certificate, you can move on and train to become a certified Babywearing Dance Facilitator. Participants further develop their skills and knowledge about safely moving and dancing while babywearing and gain the skills needed to instruct others in babywearing dance and movement classes, sessions, and workshops. They are also introduced to teaching pedagogy and positive communication that will help build their confidence as instructors and strengthen their ability to reach a wider range of students.

Great news – you don’t have to wait until April to sign up! Our training modules are suitable for those who are new to babywearing, babywearing peer supporters and professionals, dance and fitness instructors, new and expecting parents, health and wellness professionals, and those who want to make a change in their lives and their communities. Contact us today to receive your own course enrolment pack that contains detailed information about our certification and training programmes and everything you need to register to be part of JIS’s first class! Sign up online or email and become a part of this ground-breaking movement in safe, active babywearing. Let’s work together to set new standards in safety and training!

Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety Guidelines

Going to a ‪#‎babywearing dance, exercise‬ class with your baby or leading your own active session? Here’s some things to keep in mind to be safe and have fun! Find more about babywearing dance health and safety via Joimove International School! 

Active Lifestyle Babywearing Guidelines by Joimove International.


Going to a ‪#‎babywearing workout, active babywearing session or dance/exercise class with your baby or leading your own session? Here’s some things to keep in mind to be safe and have fun!


Joimovers are members of JOIMOVE’s international community and are committed to making dancing accessible for everyone. We are all Joimovers, plus our friends and family, and the helpers who take photographs, gather props, develop ideas, and support us all in our quest to change our communities. Get in touch with us to receive your free Joimover Manual today!


Get in touch with us to receive your free Joimover Manual today!

What makes the baby carrier ergonomically correct?

Joimove  Babies classes are a unique opportunity for learning and experiencing the benefits of babywearing. All our instrcutors go through 3 levels of training to provide safe and enjoyable babywearing dancing routines. We care about health and safety and believe that,babywearing exercising is a specialist area that needs to be given attention in order to recieve maximum benefits  for both carers and babies. Indeed all of Joimove babies instructors are trained as babywearing peer supporters so if you have questions or concerns about wearing your baby properly, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What  are benefits of wearing our babies?

  • Carrying babies in the carrier distributes weight equally rather than just being carried in  your arms and is more comfortable for you and your baby
  • Carriers designed and worn ergonomically prevents lower back pain and helps to get a comfortable, better  posture position.
  • If your baby has reflux, holding them in an upright position would be the helpful to your baby and help them feel more relaxed and comfortable ! Also carrying your baby in the carrier close to your chest gives slight pressure on babies tummy which helps with gas issues.
  • Do you have colicky baby? It is more easily soothed when snuggled and rocked in a carrier.
  • Worn babies loved to be engaged in the world from your arms and feel more confident , social and close to the environment, which can be beneficial later on in their life, being part of the conversations and interactions of daily life.
  • Wearing your baby is also one of the best ways to soothe them or get babies sleep peacefully!

Why an ergonomical carrier?

Choosing an ergonomically designed type of carrier should help maintain a correct posture and give full support for the baby!

Exercising with babywearing, although it is a fact that carrying your baby means carrying extra weight, this should not be seen as the reason to want to carry your baby, as extra weight which help you to burn more calories. Babywearing, not only makes some tasks easier by freeing up our hands, but also helps to promote attachment parenting and bonding!

Babywearing exercises has to be designed and lead by professionals who have gone through training, specifically on babywearing exercising. There are some movements like bouncing, twisting, quicksteps and turns to be aware of, in regards to joints position and mobility!.

What makes the carrier ergonomically correct?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the appropriate carrier and lots of brands avaliable.

A well designed carrier;

  • ·         Evenly displaces the weight
  • ·         Holds baby close to carer’s body
  • ·         There is enough support for baby and also allows carer to move properly
  • ·         Good head neck support for babies
  • ·         Keeping babies proper height which allows carer’s  to kiss babies top of their head easily
  • ·         Provides T.I.C.K.S rules fully. Please see T.I.C.K.S
  • ·         Good material and safe dye
  • ·         Right size for baby and carers
  • ·         Allows carer to monitor baby’s breathing and airways

JOIMOVE SCOTLAND, raising funds for Scotland’s little Hearts Appeal

We are looking for you to join us, Dance with us, and raise as much funds as we can towards Scotland’s little hearts appeal.
1 in 100 babies in Scotland are born with a heart condition. Thousands more children and young people living with heart conditions are treated at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Visit Yorkhill’s website for more info on their appeal.

Glasgow Riverside Museum (Transport Museum) – Scotland – 12pm
Dance with us and DONATE £5
– text YORKHILL to 70555 to donate £5
Or visit Yorkhill’s website
or call 0141 212 8750

Alternatively you can provide a Christmas Gift to a sick Child this Christmas.
The following list has been received from Yorkhills Children’s Charity:
o Age-appropriate (0-13) DVDs
o Age-appropriate games and controllers for Nintendo DS, X-Box, Playstation, etc.
o Plastic (wipe clean) baby mobiles and gyms for cots
o Happy Land Toys (available from Early Learning Centre)
o Cars and garages
o Lego
o Animal figures
o Board games for all ages
o Play Doh
o Plastic (wipe clean) toys for babies and infants
o Age-appropriate books

Please note: We can only accept new and packaged toys and all gifts should be supplied unwrapped. No Soft toys, toys with small parts, those that require batteries or sweets should be provided.

JOIMOVERS Glasgow Christmas Party

Sunday, 29th November 2015 between 1 – 3PM

This year, Joimove Glasgow Team have partnered up with Baby Loves Disco, to provide you with an ultimate Christmas Party for you and your little one.

Set in Glasgow’s Funkiest Nightclub, Humingbird, Baby loves disco is a
daytime dance party for parents with babies, toddlers and young children
(0-6 years) with real DJs spinning and mixing retro floorfillers from the
70’s, 80s , 90s and 00s with the latest pop tunes guaranteed to get you
and your little ones moving and grooving (all at a baby friendly volume
so the whole family can partying together)

Parents can chill and socialise within a safe environment with a soft drink
or a cocktail and listen to some proper music while the kids go gaga on the
dancefloor and enjoy the entertainment on offer!

Facepainting, a chill-out zone with play tents, inflatables, instruments
and toys, a full spread of healthy snacks and juiceboxes, bubbles,
balloons, arts and crafts or other quiet activities, dancefloor games and
competitions with giveaways and prizes

Sandwiches for the adults will be provided and a party bag will be given to each child at the end of the party

non walking babies are FREE. Spaces are limited,
therefore pre-booking is essential.

Email: to book your tickets!